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                           Attention all students in the Cooking Classes in Magdalena Mid-High School.

       Our objective in the Cooking at Home Unit is to prepare food for family and friends.  By preparing food we use a cooking vocabulary, review measuring procedures, practice knife cuts, and use a variety of food preparation methods all of which we have learned this year.

   .  As we continue our COOKING AT HOME UNIT I would like to add one component which is take pictures.

     Please email them to me at

     Let me know of any recipes you are interested in.  My phone number is 505-287-6007 and I will keep office   

     hours Tuesdays 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. I am trying to get more of your phone number so I can text to stay in  touch.  

                                                                 Have a great summer!        

                                 It is so nice to enjoy homemade ice cream on a hot summer day. 


                                                                  VANILLA ICE CREAM

                                                                         Custard Base       


                             1 ½ Cups Sugar                                     

                             2 Tablespoons flour

                             ½ teaspoon salt

                             4 Cups milk

                             4 eggs

                              Mix and cook all of the above which includes steps 1-7

                              2 Cups half and half

                              2 tsp vanilla


                      1.  Mix sugar, flour, and salt.

                      2.  Stir in milk.

                      3.  Cook in a double boiler over hot boiling  water.

                      4.  Stir constantly until slightly thickened.

                      5.  Stir a little hot mixture into the eggs. Then stir the egg mixture back in the milk mixture.

                      6.  Turn the temperature on  low to cook until the mixture coats the spoon.  (If you use high heat the 

                            eggs will coagulate and you will have to strain out the cooked egg.)

                      7.  Chill in the refrigerator.

                      9.  Add the half and half and vanilla to the ice-cream base. Stir until mixed together.

                      10.  Freeze in an ice cream freezer.  


                       How to use an ice cream freezer:

                       Put the ice cream in the canister with the dasher in the middle and a lid on top. Put the canister into the bucket.and put the motor on the unit and plug in. It should turn freely.  Add about 3 inches of ice to ½ cup of rock salt (sprinkle the rock salt on the ice), do this several times until you are at the top of the bucket.  Add more ice as necessary. The motor will stop or slow way down when the ice cream is ready.  It should take about 20 minutes.  Take the motor off and remove the dasher.  Keep the canister in the ice with the lid on.  Cover until time to serve.     

























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