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8th Grade Readings

The Giver – read pages 153-182

Hello 8th Graders!! I hope you and your families are doing great!! I miss you all!!

So if you click on The Giver up there, then it’ll take you to a link with the whole book on-line.

We left off (I know some of you read ahead :) ) right about where Jonas is watching his father “release” one of the twins. If you can start reading there and finish the book this week, then that would be great!! that’s only about 5 pages a day. Once you’re finished reading the book, then if you could write a plot summary (what happened in the book) as well as how you feel about what happens, then that would be amazing! When you’re finished reading the book it would be a good idea to finish watching the movie as well. I’ll try to post a link but I’m sure you have the skills to find the movie online for free. 

  • ‚ÄčAlso, let me know anything that you are reading that you find interesting. I’ll post some books I liked a lot when I was younger & some that I’ve read/heard about recently and maybe you can find them online. If not, the Magdalena Library has a really strong wifi signal & it’s a good place to hangout and use their website’s resources. They have ebooks, kahn academy links, and a ton of interesting materials! I talked to the lady at the Socorro Public Library, and they are closed, but she said that you can go to their website and they have links like “Brainfuse” the one with the boy reading a book, and a bunch of other resources that are free for you to use.

       * Finally, one thing that you can do that actually helps how you feel, is to write down your daily activities& feelings!!

One of my favorite quotes is “Reading is Inhaling (breathing in) and Writing is Exhaling (breathing out)”

So Exhale! Write down how you’re feeling, what you’re doing, anything at all!! I’ll conisider that your weekly journal writing (which we haven’t done in quite a few weeks). 

Well take care of yourselves!! Be good!! Go Outside & get some exercise!! and then sit under a tree and read (or write)  :)  

If you need anything, the just email me at

Take Care!!  Goggans


Monday, April 13th, to Thursday, April 16th 

Hello Everybody!! How are you  all doing!!?  I’m doing pretty well. 

Miss you all!!

Hopefully this will be over soon, and we’ll get back to normal in August!

I have some more reading assignments on the way (should be up later today, Sunday 4/19, but definitely by tomorrow, Monday 4/20). Right now I really want you all to write and send it to me!! I’ve only heard from a few people. You can write about your daily schedule, where you went recently, whatever you want! If it’s easier, then just write it on paper, take a picture of it, and then send it to me!! Easy. The BT standards for the next 3 weeks are to “produce clear and well-developed writing.”









Monday, April 20th – Thursday, April 23rd.

So Since we’re focusing on your writing right now, check this out!! Bon Jovi (he’s an old rock guy from the 80’s & 90’s— I’m sure you’ve heard a couple of his songs. If not, then ask your parents/grandparents) talks about how important it is to write! and that you can make your writing in to songs! poems! whatever!

So let’s work on that. Just send me whatever you have and if it needs improving, then we’ll work on it. But I know most of you are outstanding writers anyway.

Well Take Care & Stay Safe!!  

Send me some writing!!  TTysoon!!   Goggans

Monday 4/26 to Thursday May 30th  

!. Hey Everyone!! Hope y’all are doing great!! I’m excited because we’re starting one of my favorite novels, Bearstone!! The 7th Graders are reading it too because theyre practically 8th graders, but I definitely want you all to read it before you go on to high school. So if you hear7he 7th graders talking about the same novel or see it posted on the 7th grade page, then don’t think there’s been a mistake: both 7th & 8th graders are reading it!! It’s so good!!  It’s about a boy about your age, Cloyd Atcitty, who is half Dine and half Ute and the trouble he gets into at school and everything. It starts out with him looking for his father (whom he never knew) in Window Rock, and the rest of the novel is set up near Durango and Pagosa Springs (oh and he does go visit his grandma in Utah one day too). But it’s really good!! If you go to youtube and search ‘Bearstone novel,’ then the first 4 results you’ll get have pictures of the book pages and they’re called “Reading Will Hobbs Bearstone. If you don’t want to read along with the guy (he doesn’t know how to pronounce the names, says ‘reecords’ instead of ‘records’ on the first page, and stuff), then you can just mute him and read it yourself. But it’s kind of fun to listen to him read (mainly because he’s not that great ;)) . So the first part is 32 and ½ minutes long, so you should definitely be able to have that completed by next Monday! Just listen to it if you don’t want to read it! It’s a fascinating story that you all should be able to relate to!! Hopefully you read along or on your own, but if not, just listen to it. 

  1. Your writing assignment for this week will be to write your reaction to the story Bearstone. Or if you don’t have access to youtube, then just write your journal entries! 

Okay. Well you all stay safe!! I miss you guys!! Take care and keep in touch!!

May 4th – May 7th

Since some of you are just getting started on the assignments, lets everyone just keep following Bearstone instructions and writing directions from the week above!

This book/story is so awesome!! You’ll love it!!

Take Care!! Miss Y’all!!



May 11th – May 14th.

Reading Assignment:

Bearstone is getting really exciting!! We need to finish reading it next week, so if you haven’t started or haven’t gotten very far, then just sit down and listen to it!! (see directions above under 4/26-4/30 assignment).

This week we should get to about p.86 (end of Chapter 13). The whole book is only 150 pages, and it’s really big print and easy to read (not to mention exciting!!)


Writing Assignment:

Write journal entries about what’s going on in your life or

Write summaries of the chapters of Bearstone!


Email them to me & let me know how you’re doing!!

Miss you all!! Stay Safe!!



May 18th to 21st   Last week of School!!

If you need to do any reading/listening this week, then do that please.

And if you have anything writings or journal entries to turn in, the do that as well please.

See assignments above if you don’t know yet what’s expected. 

Well this about wraps it up!

But. . . 

Continue to write about what’s going on with you over the summer! Once a week, once a day, or whenever. It’d be best if you made a little schedule like “Oooh It’s Monday! I need to write about what’s been going on.” Or something like that. It’s just important to write things down. Your lives are so important in the world. Like Leslie M. Silko says

“Stories are all we have you see. We don’t have anything if we don’t have the stories.” 

And your lives are daily stories!! So write them down and save them!!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

See Ya Soon!!


Also, I’ll continue to post things for you to read and stuff over the summer, so if you want to stay active and find interesting stories and activities, then keep checking this page every week. :)