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Marguerite Miller

Welcome to my online classroom.


Phone:  505-287-0408

Attention all students in the Cooking Classes in

Magdalena Mid-High School.

Our objective in the Cooking at Home Unit is to prepare food for family and friends.  By preparing food we use a cooking vocabulary, review measuring procedures, practice knife cuts, and use a variety of food preparation methods all of which we will learn this year.

As we continue our COOKING AT HOME UNIT I would like to add one component which is take pictures.

Please email them to me at  Let me know of any recipes you are interested in. 

My phone number is 505-287-6007 and I will be in my classroom Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. 


Check out the Monthly Recipes to try page



Have a wonderful and successful year!

Marguerite Miller

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