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Daily Schedule


Daily Homework and Practice Routine:

Dear Parents, there are a minimum of  3 books that you should see with your child every evening.

1. The GoMath WorkBook.  You should see your child work out of this book most nights.  The only night that practice work will not be assigned is on days where a unit has been tested.  On average, there are 2 unit tests for a full month of school.  Practice work (what you and I called homework) is important.  First, it builds skill in working problems.  Second, it reinforces what was taught during class that day.  Make sure that your student learner completes their daily work.  If they have forgotten how to do a certain kind of problem, they have my home phone number.  Let them call me.

There are also vocabulary words associated to each individual lesson that are important for them to know how to say, and also know what they mean.  If you have a minute to spend with your child, find a word or two and ask them about them.  They are important to know.


2.  The Wonders Reading Work Book.  You should see your child work out of this book, or study out of this book, every week.  Tests are every 5 to 6 days.  The spelling list, the vocabulary words, and the Language Arts skill at the end of each lesson are in this book.  Regarding the vocabulary list, your child should know what each of the 10 words on this page mean.  Where spelling is concerned, they should know the spelling rule for that week, as this will help them to spell the words correctly.  The Language Arts skill at the end of the weeks lessons are important to know and understand as this will help them with their writing skills.  Do NOT let them tell you "we don't do those pages."

3.  The last book you should see every night is a library book.  They should read EVERY night, at home, for 30 minutes.

Math should take 30 minutes to finish (at most).  The reading work book (1-3 pages per night), maybe 15 to 20 minutes.  Reading every night.....30 minutes.


Daily Class Routine and Schedule:

745-830  Typing Tudor, Think Central (Math Work) and iStation (Reading and Mathematics.

830-900  PE with Mr. Maribal

900-1030  Math (grade level adopted curriculum--Instructional Level with Differentiated Instruction)

1030-1200 Reading (grade level adopted curriculum--Instructional Level with Differentiated Instruction)

1200-1225 Lunch

1225-1300 Recess

1300-200  Reading Intervention with Experiental Learning

200-300   Science (4th grade Mon/Wed; 5th grade Tue/Thur)

300-345   Science (4th grade Mon/Wed; 5th grade Tue/Thur)

345          Square away room

350          Line up for end of school




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