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Kyl Candelaria

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Educational History:

Graduated from Magdalena High School in 2001.

Graduated from New Mexico State University in 2007 with a B.S. in Wildlife Science

Attained Master's Degree from New Mexico Highlands University in Special Education. December 2014

Degrees and Certifications:

High School Diploma

Bachelor's of Science

Master's in Education


Current Position:

I am currently in my fourth year as a secondary teacher.

I am currently teaching mid/high school Special Education.

I have been working in the district for 6 years now. 2 years were as an IT technician.


Previous Position:

Prior to my carrer in education, i spent 11 years as a Wildland Fire Fighter for the US Forest Service, and the US Fish and Wildlife Department.

I enjoyed traveling around the country to assist in wildfire supression, as well as aide in control burns for habitat restoration purposes. I met many amazing people and saw some beautiful country that I would have never seen otherwise.  

My firefighting experience has taught me how to work hard and appreciate everything I have.  I am truely blessed to have worked in the field as long as I did.

Family Information:

My name is Kyl Candelaria and I currently teach Secondary Special Education.  I was born in Albuquerque, NM on July 30th 1983.  I am married to Consuelo Candelaria, and together we have three wonderful children, my 9 year old son Josiah and my 5 year old daughter Amaris, and a new baby girl, Kylee Brielle.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Science from New Mexico State University, and a Masters Degree in Special Education from New Mexico Highlands University.  I am also an assistant coach for our varsity girls basketball team, and head coach of the baseball team.  I am very excited to start another year here at Magdalena Schools.

Kyl Candelaria

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