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John Sakel


Be Safe!! 

If you have any questions please email me at  or text me

Monday – Thursday  9am – 3pm  at 910-352-0559


Page updates:

I will be posting actvities through out the summer for you to work on. If you have not completed all of your online work I will still accept it and you will recieve extra credit in the Fall.

The Highschool teachers will be give extra credit to the 8th graders that continue to work and turn in their assignments.


If you are having problems with the online textbooks try downloading the FOSS eBook app

  1. To download the FOSS eBooks app for your device, please click the appropriate link and follow the steps to install.

    Click the appropriate link for your device to download the FOSS eBooks app and follow the steps below to install.

    iOS devices:

  2. Android devices:

    Get it on Google Play
  3. Once the FOSS eBooks app is downloaded, log into the app using the same username and password provided by the teacher to log in to FOSSweb.

  4. Select which FOSS Science Resources Interactive eBook(s) you want to access through the app and download. Each book will take between 200-400 mB of file space on your device.


There are weekly lessons starting Monday April 6th through the end of school. There is a specific page for each grade level.

These lessons will be desgined to help you maintain your skills in class and to provide extra practice.

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