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About Geraldine Piasso


Shi éí Geraldine Piasso yinishyé.

Kinyaa'aanii nishlí doo

Tó baazhni'ázhí éí bá shishchiin.

Tsé nahabilnii éí dashicheí doo Tábaahí éí dashinálí.


  • Taught  Headstart @ Alamo Early Childhood
  • Received AA Degree in Early Childhood August 2004 (SIPI)
  • Level Two-Pre K-12 Native Language and Culture Certificates
  • Elementary Native American Club Sponsor

 Contact me @ 575-854-2241 ext.8107

Hm  575-854-2485

Geraldine Piasso

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Diné Bizaad Bináhoo'aah

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