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Bowden Russell

Welcome to my online classroom. 

7th Grade Math Work for April 6th to April 12th:

Introduction to Statistics We went over our introduction to statistics in our last week and took notes on:

  1. The Mean.  Add up all the values of the data points then divide by the number of data points. Mean also is the same as “average”.  
  2. The median. The number in the middle.  Arrange the data points from smallest to largest then locate the number in the middle.  If there are an even number of data points you find the average of the two points in the middle
  3. The Mode.  The number that occurs most often.  There can be more than one mode on occasion.
  4. MAD: Mean average deviation. This concept is used to determine how spread out the set of data points is. You find the MAD by first finding the Mean (see “a” above) then subtract each data point from the value of the Mean , taking the absolute value of that subtraction (you’ll always have a positive number).  Then add up all those absolute values….then divide by the number of data points.  We did an example of this on the last day of class before break.



Here is a video from Khan Academy for an Introductory to Statistics:


Pay attention to the vocabulary in the video.  


Problem of the week: 


Find the Mean, Median and Mode as well as the MAD of the following data set (you can use a calculator)

6, 7, 12, 6, 11, 15, 20, 22, 8, 6, 11, 8, 14 20, 22 40.


Write down all your work on paper, take a picture of your work then send it to me via email!  


Good luck!!!


Bowden Russell

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