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Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs

This page was designed for students that enjoy virtual science labs. Virtual labs are excellent for getting students excited about science and technology. 


Earth Systems, Structures and Processes: (Standard 6.E)

  Earth Materials Module!
  Mineral Resources

  Property of Minerals
  Minerals of the Earth's Crust Virtual Lab

  The Rock Cycle

  Rock Classification

  Rocks - Geologist
  Erosion - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  Soil Erosion


  Glaciers Shape the Land

  Earthquakes and Volcanoes

  Observe Animations of Earthquake Waves

  Examine P and S waves moving through Earth's Interior
  Describing Earthquakes

  Earthquake Epicenter
  Plate Tectonics 

  pH Scale 
  pH of Common Solutions
  pH of Soil

  Right Amount of Nutrients


Ecosystems & Living Organisms: (Standard 6.L)
  Biomes and Ecosystems


  Plant Transpiration
  Owl Pellet Dissection 

  Interaction of Living Things
  Cycles in Nature
  The Earth's Ecosystems
  Environmental Problems and Solutions
  Energy Resources


Earth in the Universe: (Standard 6.E)
  Moon Phases
  Gravity and Orbits
  Investigating Constellations
  Star Exploration

  Formation of the Solar System
  Exploring Space
  A Family of Planets


Matter: Properties and Change (Standard 6.P)
  Welcome to Matter!

  States of Matter: Basics
  Properties of Elements
  Molecular Models

  Periodic Table of Elements
  Physical and Chemical Changes
  Chemistry Lab: Periodic Table
  Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes Lab
  States of Matter Lab

  Chemical Reaction
  Chemical Reactions

Energy and Forces & Motion (Standard 6.P)

  Forms of Energy
  Potential and Kinetic Energy
  Energy Transformation

  Electromagnetic Waves
  Energy Skate Park


  Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC)
  Insulation Properties

  Heat and Heat Technology

  Thermal Energy

  Thermal Energy and the State of a Substance 

  How Big Is Your Footprint?

  Wow! Windmills!

  Alternative Energy Sources
  Renewable Energy


Sight, Light, Sound, and Hearing (Standard 6.P)
  Color Vision

  Light Spectrum

  Bending Light

  Sound - Musical Instrument

  Wave Interference

  Wave on a String



CK-12 Simulations 


Frog Dissection (Cartoon)
Frog Dissection (Realistic)
Virtual Frog Dissection

Dissect a Salmon