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General Information

WNMT Wireless ModemAfter verifying the Wi-Fi modem is on and connected to the internet usually an earth symbol with green connected or red disconnected illumination to indicate connection status with the internet provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

if the modems internet connection is ‘red’ and the devices can’t reach the internet, contact  your ISP.

If the modem’s internet connection is ‘green’, the modem is connected to the internet.

If the student laptop does not see your Service Set IDentifier (SSID),  verify the push-button Wi-Fi on button is illuminated indicating the modem is broadcasting a wirless connection. (see photo—large button on the bottom)

On the Student’s Laptop, ensure the WiFi the Wi-Fi block is blue indicating Wi-Fi is on.  Airplane mode should be grey.

No InternetAll OffAirplane Mode On

Wi-Fi On Airplane Mode On





Connecting to Wi-Fi requires compatible devices, proper authentication codes, and good coverage.

The new student laptops are 802.11ac wireless local area network (WLAN) which in WNMT territory is compatible with the VYXL P660HN51 DSL Modems utilizing 802.11 a/g/n WLAN technology.  If you have another Wireless Modem  you are trying to connect to, search the Model Number of the modem and identify what 802.11 standard it operates.  If it is an 802.11n it is compatible with your student’s laptop.   In Wi-Fi  the standard letters indicate the operating band of the WLAN adapter much like AM refers to one band of radio channels and FM refers to another band of radio channels.  802.11 AC and AX have both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz radios or AM and FM while other technology may only have AM or FM.  Since your student laptop has both AM (2.4) and FM (5.8), it will offer you the widest range of WLAN connection options.

Security on WLAN devices is very important to reduce the opportunity for unauthorized users accessing your home network, devices and communications.  The WLAN devices will not be able to connect until the Wireless Modem and Student security and passwords are compatible and entered.  The WNMT DSL Wireless modem securityand student laptop WLAN standard  are compatible and a good password should be chosen that isn’t easily guessed. 

WLAN radio signal coverage is important.  If you have the SSID and security keys correct and you aren’t seeing your SSID or login, make certain to try to connect the student laptop physically near the wireless modem.  If you can connect near the modem but loose the signal as you walk further away, you have a coverage issue with the wireless modem.  Try moving the wireless modem to a higher location. Remove clutter from around the wireless modem especially metallic objects which reflect and cause wireless shadows.  

More tips on Wi-Fi Ways ahead..