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Dr. Glenn Haven


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Contact Info:

Work Phone:

(575) 854-2241

About Me

Degrees and Certifications:

Window Rock High School Graduate

New Mexico State University Ed. D

University of Phoenix

Arizona State University M.A.E.

Arizona State University B.A.E.

Current Position:

Administrative experience for over 26 years.

Has been a classroom teacher for Grades 6-12 for over 20 years in Physical Education, Health and Drivers Education.

Is an experienced high and middle school athletic coach for over 27 years. Has coached Boys & Girls Basketball; Cross-Country; Football; Volleyball; Baseball; Softball; Track & Field, and Tennis.

Family Information:

Wife: Abby

Sons: Jason, Joshua, & Jeremy

8 grandchildren: JJ; Nevaeh; Peyton; Brayden; Elijah; Gabriel; Allove and Danny

Personal Information:

Navajo Cherokee Native American

Enrolled Member of the Navajo Tribe

Hobbies: Yardwork; Read; Spoil the grandchildren; Watch the sport of basketball and travel & visit local sites of interest

Favorite teams: Arizona State University; New Mexico State University; Dallas Cowboys; Los Angeles Dodgers, Phoenix Suns and Magdalena Steers (of course)

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(575) 854-2241